Tradespeople are skilled persons who specialize in activities done in a certain occupation field. Formal vocational education and experience is required to work as a trades person. Here are some of the skills included for this vocation.


Boilermakers are trained trade persons that make steel fabrications and they use steel tubes and plates to make them. Some of the field projects a boilermaker can work on include bridges, blast furnaces and also make equipment used for mining. Apart from fabrications, boilermakers can install, assemble and also repair boilers and other structures.


From their name, you will definitely know they work in the electrical industry. Electricians specialize in the wiring of houses, stationary electric gadgets and also transmission lines. Apart from connecting new electrical equipment, the skilled persons can also repair damaged electric lines and machines. Electricians also deal with the wiring of airplanes, data lines and also ships.


Plumbers are trade people that deal with installation and the maintenance of water connections. All the piping that transports water is done by plumbers. Making and maintaining of sewage and drainage tunnels is also in their line of work. A good water and drainage system that is free from leakages has to be installed by a skilled plumber.


These are tradesmen that deal with the the combination of metallic materials together with the use of a machine called a welding power supply. Welders have acquired specific skills to use in their field and they have the technical know-how on the materials being blended together so as to produce the best final product. They also repair broken materials.


These are skilled craftsmen who have the ability to repair and assemble machinery used in areas such as factories, construction sites and also power plants. The machines can at times break down and millwrights dismantle, repair and reassemble them. Some machines they construct include paper mills and saw mills.