There are many stereotypes that make people think that becoming a tradesman is a lowly career. Some parents wrongfully advise their children against pursuing jobs that are related to skilled labour.

Reasons Why Being a Tradesman Is a Good Idea

  • The experience is immediate: Tradesmen do not have to wait for a long time before they start gaining experience related to their jobs. They build on their careers right from when they are being trained, and this makes it easier for them to be absorbed into the job market.
  • The training is affordable: People who go for conventional courses such as medicine, engineering and law spend a lot of their money in tuition. Sadly, some of them end up living a miserable life as they struggle to pay it up. The reverse is true for tradesmen since they pay a relatively lower fee to go to vocational schools and community colleges. They also take less time to qualify and start working.
  • The pay is good: Contrary to popular belief, tradesmen make decent wages from their jobs. Since they offer skilled labour, they are considered necessary, and when people are in emergency situations such as a leaking pipe, they are willing to part with a reasonable amount to have it fixed.
  • There are many job opportunities: Since most people prefer white-collar jobs, tradesmen have many unexplored potentials when it comes to job opportunities. It is unlikely for a tradesman to spend years looking for a job, unlike other careers where people spend most of their time trying to find employment.
  • They get to work on what they trained for: Most tradesmen say that being given the opportunity to work on what they trained for is what makes the job interesting for them. While other people settle for what is available, tradesmen apply their skills based on their training.